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Into the darkness...

May. 15th, 2007 | 12:46 pm
location: Deep sadness
mood: crushedEntering a realm of darkness..
posted by: surrealkiller in _nowheretoturn_

My friend Ann is in a coma. I have never had a friend who was in a coma before....I feel so powerless, she lives in Seattle and I'm in WI. I can't afford to go and see her, I want to so badly.

Her family is there with her though, and that's good. She has lots of support right now. I just wish I was there for her.

She can hear you guys...talk to her for me, please tell her I'm right there with her in spirit. Please let her hear you. If there is a god, right now would be the time to know. I wish I knew.

She's one of the good ones, please don't take her now. The world needs her more than ever.

Don't go anywhere Anne, we haven't gone on our trip to Ibiza yet...I can't stop thinking of you.

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