November 9th, 2005

Here goes..

I'd write my name here, but in fear of anyone finding out who I really am I guess I cannot do that. So, you can call me Noisy Reality :P I am here as the community name suggests, because I have nowhere else to turn. I have recently come to terms with my depression but I cannot let go. I hope to meet honest people that I can trust, that may be able to help me and In turn I shall lend them an ear or whatever else they need. I have many issues I feel I need to overcome, you can read the somewhat pathetic roots of my depression in my journal.

Thanks for listening.

do you.......

Inspired by Noisy and the other people in my life that dont want anyone to you guys feel ashamed about your depression? I think I feel ashamed about the fact that I spent 3 months in the mental hospital one summer during highschool, but I think its because Im afraid people will stop talking to me because Im "crazy" if they find out.

So why do you not want to tell people about depression, etc?