November 4th, 2005



Im having a hard time battling my depression recently and I know what its being triggered by, but I just cant fix it. That and my dreams that are a part of it are back. Jim registered as a sex offender, and its really weird having the guy who raped me for 3 years living 25.6 miles away. I just cant fix that and while I know he can never contact me, Im concerned about running in to him. Hes only 18 miles from where I work, and I just get terrified that I will see him somewhere and have a complete and total mental breakdown. The other sucky part is since Im pregnant I cant take my tranqs for the dreams, or my mood stabilizer or my anti depresent. I never thought I would actually want to take my cocktail of pills. The other scary thing is he lives that close to Bryanna. What if he runs into me and sees her and wants to hurt her to get back to me. I know Im being completely unrational but its just stuff that goes through my head.

Does anyone know anyway to battle depression without meds? Its making me a horrid person to be around.

People Are Odd

Inspired by Char's entry below...

Isn't it strange how if someone says, "I am depressed, please help" most of us have suggestions for other people, but we are still depressed ourselves.
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