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I tried to hold in the tears, but they seemed to spill out anyway. We were back in the lobby of the Hyperion, and everything was... clean. No bodies, nothing that made it look like there had even been a fight and yet there had been. There had been.

I wiped at my eyes and stood up slowly, my brain still trying to take in everything that had happened during the short time in Pylea. It didn't make sense. Even Willow had looked strangely at Xander. Now, as I stood next to my best friend and I looked at our other friend, I tried to see him there.

I tried to see the Xander we all knew. The one who'd led us in ths Scooby Pledge. The one who had lost his eye in a fight pretty much where we were standing. The one who had crushed on Cordelia, who had always brought us donuts during time in the library, who hadn't gone to college. The guy who'd ended up being the reliable one.

The one we all needed and could trust.

The trust was somehow broken, a little. And I sure as hell wasn't seeing that same Xander when I looked into his face.

Holding Willow's hand, I simply whispered, "What the hell was all that about, Xand?"

((Open to Xander & Willow))
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