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Dinner conversation

The one good thing about getting beat up when you're a vampire is that you can pretty much just literally "walk it off". We heal up pretty damn quick unless we've had a limb cut off or something, and it's even faster if we get some blood into us while we're mending. It was nice to find that little house on the Pylean prairie just a mile or two from where I'd thrown down with Xander Harris v2.0, and even better to find that it was a human house.

So, with the sun starting to dip down, I was feeling pretty hale and hearty, even if I still didn't know what the hell to do about getting my ass back to Earth.

Not that I'd admit it to anyone, but things were looking pretty bleak for the bad guys. I had no idea where the fuck Faith was, whether she'd gotten sent here with the rest of the gang, or if she was left back in L.A., where she was probably having the time of her life right now. I was still on The First's leash, and knowing what I knew about Pylea, I didn't figure that was any different here.

And Spike, he was...

He was walking right toward me.

I spotted him coming over the hill, probably attracted by the scent of human blood on the air, coming from my little dinner party. One of the mewling former "cows" was still whimpering on the ground where I'd left him, and I figured I'd be a good sire for five minutes and leave the snack for Spike.

As usual, he was looking insufferably smug about something. I glanced over at the prone human.

"Stay, have a bite, and tell me where the fuck you've been."

((Open to Spike))
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