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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce


I wandered.

There really wasn't any other way to describe the aimless and purposely time-consuming manner in which I walked over the terrain, always keeping the caves in sight, but never quite having an actual destination. Insanely, my initial purpose in wandering was to give the unpredictably aggressive Slayer-turned-vampire ample opportunity to attack me from behind. Of course, this also meant I was giving Faith just as much time to reconsider that particular action.

When, after ten or fifteen minutes had passed, I found myself decidedly not deceased, I found that I had apparently gambled successfully and Faith was, at least for the moment, not interested in taking my life.

It had been a very risky gamble, and one that I wondered I would be constantly making from this day onward. Faith, I was sensing, would always be the failure I would always be trying to erase from the record and the debt I would always owe. Fair or not, true or not, it would take more than a little sacrifice on my part to settle that account.

Somehow, I knew Buffy would not be happy with the situation. But I did hope she would understand my need to make the attempt.

Finally having had enough of the scenic tour of this corner of Pylea, I turned in the direction of the caves and picked up a brisk pace. Hearing voices, I was glad to know that people had begun gathering in the shelter-- light was dimming, and quickly. I stepped through the mouth of the cave to see Buffy and Fred just finishing some conversation.

Instinctively, I wanted to back away. Not that I imagined the two women were discussing me, and not that I imagined the conversation would be unflattering. There didn't seem to be any animosity or frustration in the air, but there was just something inherently frightening about seeing one's significant other conversing with one of one's best friends of the same gender.

Once they saw me, of course, I knew I was stuck.

"Ladies," I offered, attempting to quell my senseless disquiet.

((Open to Buffy and Fred))
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