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911 Is A Joke

Okay, so I ain't even close to bein' a boy scout. Not like I even had a compass or map to check, and damn if I could remember what side of the trees the moss was supposed to grow-- North? South? Would it even be the same direction in Pylea?

Anyway, I tought I might actually be gettin' close to the caves when I saw the shape of someone walkin' towards me. I waved, and got a wave back, so I figured it hadda be one of ours. Didn't figure for one of the local baddies to be that friendly, demon or human.

A minute later, I could tell it was Xander, who I guessed must've gone for a walk himself. A minute after that, though, I got that bad feelin' everybody in Star Wars always talks about. Xander looked like he'd taken his walk right through Compton wearin' an "I Hate Rap" t-shirt.

I ran up and threw the guy's arm over my shoulder before he collapsed.

"The hell happened to you?"

((Open to Xander))
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