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Walking around in the sunshine was a nice novelty, but it was getting pretty damn old pretty damn quick. I still didn't know what the hell I was going to do next and how I was going to get back to my own plane of existence, and I definitely had not idea how I was going to get a goddamn meal without sprouting horns all over my face.

The good guys, on the other hand, seemed to be acclimating to the new situation like a bunch of girl scouts, and that didn't improve my mood much, either.

If it had been me and not Angel in the driver's seat the last time they'd come through this dimension, things would be a snap. I'd just head into town, find the first red-robe I could and demand to be taken to whatever muckity-muck could get me in touch with the Wolf, Ram or Hart's representative, and since I was the right hand vamp for their boss, I'd get fedex'ed straight ack to earth. But now, thanks to the Angel Investigations losers, the bad folks weren't the ones in charge anymore.

As if I couldn't hate Angel any more.

I'd found the caves, and at some point, Spike was going to be heading back, looking for someone to pay atttention to him again. I needed a plan. Or at least something to do.

Hell answered my prayers, when who should I have seen coming over a rise but mister boy hostage himself, Xander Harris? I caught his scent, which seemed a little off, but then we were in another dimension. Then, I found myself a nice little stand of trees to hide myself in, and I waited. There was no bullshit Sanctuary spell this time, I thought.

When he finally came into view, I sprang out of the cover.

((Open to Xander))
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