Willowy Megness (wishingwillow) wrote in _nowhereland_,
Willowy Megness

Less in the Dark

The minute we entered the first section of caves, the light above my hand flared brighter and bluer, not so much reacting to the elements there, and my intent. It was moments like this that I truely appreciated the changes the last few months had brought, as the steps between then and now shortened. Beofre there would have been the concious thought. Is this all there should be? Do I push it that much further? Is it worth the risk?

But now we step into the dark and I am willing to give myself over to it again, the natural, healthy way magic could still flow through me. If I allowed it. And didn't fight it. I could see now how many of my problems had come from just that. Every wall I'd built created an opportunity for the rest of it to creep in. All the things that go bump in the night -- the bad, the worse, and myself. You interupt the flow, you interupt the connection. And when you don't have that? It's when you really falter.

Then fall.

It didn't mean that I still didn't air on the side of caution. But I'd stopped hiding too. Thanks to my friends, and thanks to the woman walking next to me. It's didn't seem unconnected that I had almost the exact same questions when Kennedy had begun to work her way into my life., especially after our first kiss.

Is this all there should be? Do I push this even further? Is it worth the risk?

True, Kennedy did a bit more of the pushing, than being pushed in the beginning. But that didn't mean I didn't follow every step of the way. Healed a little more, with each one.

I tilted my head to flash her a smile, silent smile of gratitute -- aware of the new grace and strength she had adapted to so well. Nothing which seemed to be hindered, but that didn't mean I couldn't ask one more time.

"You're really ok?"

((Open to Kennedy))
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