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Fancy Meetin' You Here

Left Willow and Kennedy as they were headin' into the caves, followin' the glow of whatever little mojo nugget the redhead had called up into her hand. There was a time, even after havin' spent the better part of my years fightin' vampires and the occasional demon, that a demonstration of magic as casual and simple as that woulda blown my mind. Now, most of my best friends had worked magic at some time, and I'd even taken part in a spell once or twice.

So, my job was to scare up more of us, however many of us made it here to Pylea. My head was still fuzzy on details, and it had already been a while since I'd woken up. Really seemed like I wouldn't be remembering anything concrete about the big fight we'd all been in anytime soon.

Kinda creeped me out, but a tiny part of me was kinda glad we had, though. Here in Pylea, we were away from everything back at home. Away from the fighting for our lives, away from The First and Wolfram & Hart. Most importantly for me was away from Lilah Morgan and my deal. For about the ten thousandth time since I'd signed my name on that dotted line, I cursed myself out all silent for having done what I'd done. Did I have good intentions about it? Yeah. Did I still figure I could turn the situation to my advantage? Sure. But honestly, I woulda given just about anything now to just make it disappear.

'Cause then, I'd just about lost everything I had and coulda cared about. Now, things were different. Now, there was family and friends again, and there was even some hope. Now...

And speakin' of now, who should I have spotted comin' up over the next rise? Fred. I grinned.

"Yo, Fred!"

((Open to Fred))
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