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I Spy

Mine and Lilah's forced cooperation lasted just about as long as anyone in their right mind would have expected-- something a little under fifteen minutes. The telepathic connection hadn't carried over to Pylea, and without The First as a convenient common enemy around to redirect our usual animosity, we were all but literally at each other's throats.

Lilah and I finally crested a rise. In one direction, she saw a settlement about a mile's trudge away. Opposite that, I saw figures moving, people close enough through my vamire's eyes for me to recognize humans. Before we could get into a fight-- that is, before I murdered her-- Lilah suggested the split-up. Muttering something about wanting at least something to sit on that was more comfortable than a grassy knoll.

Rolling my eyes at her back as she receded into the distance, I headed in the other direction, stopping every ten or twenty yards to keep from being noticed. It was when I was within a hundred feet that I finally managed to ID them, and the sight made my jaw drop.

Faith? What in every hell dimension there is, what the fuck was Faith doing walking around with Wesley? She was a bad guy, for Pete's sake, the one and only, evilest there is, Slayer-Vampire. Bad, mean, cruel and hungry... and making time with her old Watcher like they were strolling down the Santa Monica pier after a date.

I pointed my feet in another direction and started walking. If this kept up, not only would I not be wetting my whistle anytime, Buffy's people had just been handed the equivalent of a nuclear bomb to use on their ide of the fight. Swell.
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