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"Well... ahem. Yeah, ok, so we know where we are, why Faith's not dust... we still don't know why or how to get home. I'm going to say that we all head off to those caves over there."

I wasn't so sore from my, ah, altercation with Faith that I didn't recognize Buffy's idea as an excellent one. Nodding, I looked around again, making out the figures of some of our other fellow travelers, scattered around the meadows and hills.

"I'll pass the word along to the others, then."

Watching Buffy and Cordelia head off towards the caves, I made a silent wish that I wouldn't find them next pulling each other's hair and hurling invectives at one another. I trusted Buffy not to hurt Cordy, of course, at least not physically-- she had too much experience controlling her Slayer strength than that-- but the two women seemed as incompatible as oil and water, which with one my girlfriend and the other one of my best friends, put me right in the middle.

Turning to Faith, who continued to glower and seemed to be checking herself for signs of demonic anatomy, I sighed. If ever there was an awkward situation to end all awkward situations, this might well have been it.

"You're, ah, welcome to come, if you'd like," I offered.

"And the physical changes that Cordelia described only manifest if and when you choose to shift into your 'game face' form. Here, the vampiric demon manifests itself wholly, not just by distorting your features. And I wouldn't advise it. It took a great deal of effort for Angel to undo the change."

Under the pretense of regaining my bearings, I turned back away from her.

"We'll bring you back with us," I said, "this wasn't meant as an attack. We were hoping to bring you back."

((Open to Faith))
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