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Just like Home

I didn't like this. This feeling of not being in charge, not making the calls. Ok, fine, so Wes and I were technically co-leaders but it felt like he was going to be calling the shots -- or worse. That Fred, Gunn, and Cordelia would be...

Yeah. Cordelia. Who I was somewhat getting along with at the moment, but that never lasted with us. Somehow, she could always bring out the Sunnydale brat in me. We'd see...

"Ouch," I complained as I tripped over a twig, effectively ruining the heel of one of my boots. "Oh, you've got to be kidding." Sighing, I pulled the heel off and walked with Cordelia toward the caves where Fred and Xander were headed.

Basically? I was sick of talking to Faith and/or having her talk to me, so I decided she could spend some quality time with Wes. Hey, they had a history and everything. He just helped re-ensoul her, she tried to throttle him... it would all work out ok.

Hobbling slightly as I walked, I turned to Cordelia. She hadn't reacted much when I'd told her about the "why" Faith was here with a soul, so I figured yay for us. However, she also hadn't reacted much when I'd brought up Angel's name, which could be good or bad. Knowing her? It was hard to say.

"So, um," I started off carefully, "Queen? You? Must've been like fulfilling a life-long dream or something." I could picture it completely, everyone bowing to her while she got to wear some sparkly tiara. She probably had her own slaves and... wait, I thought Wes had said humans were slaves and demons were in charge? Ok, I was confused now.

"How could you be a queen if you were a human? Or, is that little bit of demon in you something that qualifies you?" I smirked, shaking my head, then promptly stubbing a toe along the way.

I decided Pylea was definitely not a place made for Slayers.

"Did Angel turn all green?" I asked quickly, out of curiosity, then regretted it. The "A" word. "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up Angel... I know that you and he..." Were what? Lovers? Friends? Both? God, how selfish was I that I could still care that much about Angel when I loved Wes?

"Actually, I don't really know much about you and Angel," I amended.

I wasn't sure I wanted to.

((Open to Cordelia))
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