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"Right, then. As each of us is familiar with Pylea, at least to some exent -- Then it's best we split up to muster the troops. Xander, Fred, see who you might be able to find. Cordelia and I will head in the other direction. Once we've got a few, we'll return here, and continue like that."

I just nodded to Wesley, and then without a second glance back I began to work by way in the opposite direction, Xander just at my side. I was...annoyed. Annoyed and just past slightly angry and healthily afraid at where we where, and how easily my feet moved over places I had worked so hard on forgetting. That I'd thought I had been successful at. My eyes never rested in one place, looking for the others....and others besides them.

Deep down I knew Pylea would never be the bad dream I'd once wished it to be. wasn't supposed to be a recurring one either.I had made sure of it, in the things never being exactly the same way again sort of decision. I had watched all of...everyone struggle with the same sort of thing. Buy this decision -- this Pylea -- it was mine.

I guess I hadn't followed through. It had felt like I did. It had hurt like I did. It had hurt them like I did.

And now it was happening all over again.

I started walking faster, still looking for anyone that I know. Voice low, I felt my words direct themselves at Xander, despite everything, still curious.

"What are you thinking?"

((Open to Xander))
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