December 9th, 2005

DAstyle - dark_wesley

Makin' Myself Useful

Fred took off to talk with Buffy, which was cool with me. The way the girl was feelin', I figured at least for now, it was better for Fred to be doin' stuff instead of thinkin' about it. Bein' our resident Pylea expert, the group was gonna be leanin' on her pretty heavy in the next little while, and I knew she was strong enough to do it. I just, y'know, was hopin' she'd be okay with it.

We really, really had to get our asses outta here, and now, or else we was all gonna go crazy.

Lookin' around, I walked around the caves a little, at least as far as I could still see without a flashlight or anything. It wasn't he Westin Bonaventure, but it looked plenty big enough to hold everybody, and it'd keep us dry. We'd either have to rig up some kinda door or more likely set up a watch to make sure nothin' nasty decided to wake us all up.

Makin' my way back outside, I started gatherin' whatever wood I could find that looked about right to get a fire goin'. I remembered that was pretty much the number one priority back when Wes and me were hangin' with the local branch of the Rebel Alliance. I wasn't a Boy Scout-- hell, I wasn't even a Fresh Air Fund kid-- but I think I was doing okay.

Walking a little past the caves, I stopped short. Somethin' smelled awful. And, bein' a guy, I hadda go check it out.

There wasn't much left of the bodies. Whatever this fight had been about, it was over a long time ago. Not much in the small clearin' but bones and just enough to keep up the smell. Some of the skeletons looked pretty human to me. Others, not so much. Leaning down, I picked up a short sword that somebody or something had dropped. Not too much rust, still usable.

Figurin' it was proably a fight between the two sides of our little coup, I tried to remember the direction the place was, and headed back to the caves.
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