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Well well, here you are, at _notsosexy

After seeing many "are you hot" and "are you cute" and etc. and how brutal they were, i decided to make my own community.
It's a place for us "not so sexy" and it's kind of an anti-"are you attractive community" community.

You can come here, share your stories, pictures, poems, etc. and not feel bad about yourself or be insulted by members.

credits go to...
Me, burnwitheothers For creating the origional and this community, and for the layout.

Have a nice day :D

We do NOT
Bother you anally about promoting.
Make you fill out some lame-assed application.
Make you have a mandatory number of posts per month.
Do the whole voting and being bitch-asses thing.

Add your name to the userinfo after you join, or if we just love you.
Act politely and nicely.
Share pictures, poems, writing, things that happened, etc.
   And of course, we are all courteous and looove me. XP Nah, you don't have to love me, just don't say you don't to my face XD

It's the polite thing to...
Post a little introduction about yourself when you join, we don't like not knowing our fellow members. And if you do, I'll add you to the handy members list down there and your name to the interests ♥
Commenting on people's entries is always a nice thing to do, even just a short comment will suffice.

♥♥♥ Members ♥♥♥
burnwitheothers Rachael. That girl is one scarrryyy kid. pssh. All of you are free to im me at TheFluffyOrgasm
paperdoll____ Alicia.
metal_buddhist Erich. "The cum your mom should have swallowed."
lindseylovesyou Lindsey. "big assed psychotic horny texan camera whore."
_ber_ AmBer.
dracwolleyskcor Tina.
_mr_clean_ Jake. "love struck and wild in the sack."
teenagewreck Carly."dorky horny special beautiful big titted chick."
hes_a_loser Em. "kinky german sex whore of rachael's. OWN'd."
__fade_to_black Carrie.
fromthedarkness Eric.
librarysluts Heather.
sickxlullaby Raul.
pookie__bear Skye. Is sixteen, from Texas, and likes stuff.
sputnik4547Alyssa. Is fifteen. & doesn't provide lots of information. XP