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We're more than ordinary...

...we're extraordinary

Not So Ordinary
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to _notso_ordinary, another fun, active inner beauty rating community. Composed of a diverse group of amazing people, _notso_ordinary consistently and proficiently sets itself apart from the majority. How, you ask? First and foremost, the members here are not political, moral, or religious clones of one another. Aside from their distinct personalities, our participants possess differing experiences, lifestyles, and social stances. Anyone with a sharp mind, a good disposition, and an exceptional amount of individuality is welcome. The activities, themes, and games run by the communitiy's maintainers focus primarily on personality; the true essence of inner beauty. Not a lot of supposed IB-themed communities can say that with honesty, and we take pride in the fact that we can.

We cordially invite you to join, have fun, and just generally help to ehance the community with your presence. All can be done in the abscence of drama; we promise! Open-minded and absolutely in love with what others have to say, we, as a community, encourage people from all walks of life to apply and speak their minds. Post your application today!


1. You must be at least fourteen years of age to join and apply. This isn't ageism! We're simply looking for people who, although they're still growing emotionally and mentally, have enough experience to possess a good idea as to who they are and what they're about.
2. People of all genders and sexes are allowed (and encouraged!) to apply; not just girls!
3. All applications must be placed under an lj-cut (coded into the app beforehand), lest they risk deletion. The text of the cut must read "please".
4. Responses to votes are welcome; however, blatant rudeness and backtalk to moderators and established members is not. Blatant disrepect towards moderators and establishments is grounds for being banned.
5. You may not vote on other applicants or post anywhere but your application until you receive a stamp from a moderator.
6. Your application must be posted within forty-eight hours after your joining.
7. Applicants who are rejected are allowed to apply once more after three days. Applicants who get rejected twice may not re-apply, and will be banned upon doing so.
8. Please don't delete your application once it's been posted and voted on. If/When you do, you are- essentially- destroying the intellectual property of anyone who bothered to give you feedback. That's just plain rude. If you can't deal with a "no" or two, perhaps a rating community isn't the right sort for you. Deleteing your application is grounds for being banned from the community.
9. In the tallying of votes, a "sway me" vote that have not been responded to by the applicant will be counted as a no vote. If the "sway me" was responded to by the applicant, but the voting member has not given a "yes" or "no" vote the applicant will be given the benefit of the doubt and a "yes" vote.
10.a. Applications will be stamped on Saturdays. If you've posted your application on Thursday or Friday, the application may or may not be stamped on the following Saturday. This will be determined by the moderator based on the number of votes.
10.b. In the case of a tie, stamping will be based on the three moderator votes. (Example: If two of the mods vote 'yes' and one votes 'no' the application will be accepted.)
11. Please put "I'd rather be anything but ordinary" in the subject of your application, so we know that you've read the rules.
12. Extensive application editing is prohibited, unless specifically sanctioned by a moderator. Editing for minor typos or HTML errors is allowed, but the alteration of content will not be tolerated.


1. Promote your butt off, of course, but only do so in designated areas and community journals in which it is allowed! We don't want any of you guys to be suspended.
2. Unless you're off on a period of excused inactivity, you will be expected to post or make it evident in some way that you're active at least every two weeks. Also, newly-accepted members are expected to be active in some manner within two weeks of being stamped. There's no excuse for inactivity; if you don't want to participate, then you probably shouldn't be a member!
3. Excessively harsh comments and votes to applicants are unacceptable. Honesty is a must in any rating community; however, personal insults, name-calling, and all-out flames aren't appreciated here. We take pride in not only tolerance, but acceptance, maturity, and the ability to debate fairly and with civility.
4. Base your vote solely upon the applicant's application to _notso_ordinary. Whether they wrote something of lesser quality in another community is irrelevant to their presence here and now.
5. Long text-only entries and entries with images require LJ-cuts. Let's keep each other's friends pages happy, alright?
6. When voting, please put "yes" or "no" in the subject line. Also, when responding to a vote/ applicant's response to a vote, please delete the yes/no/sway me from the subject line. It makes it easier for the moderators to count votes. To use an auto-accept/ auto-recept simply write "auto-accept" or "auto-reject" in the subject line.
7. Give at minimum two reasons as to why you've voted the way you have. "I like you" or "I don't like you" simply won't cut it, and shan't be accepted. Use paragraphs to explain your vote in detail, or just use bullets or a +/- system if you're short on time or motivation. Either way, make certain that your feelings toward the applicant are clear. Anything else is unfair and will not be counted as a result.
8. Let us know if you're going to be inactive for a significant period of time. If you don't, you run the risk of being removed.
9. Please only join the community with one journal at a time! To change journals is fine; however, it would be appreciated if you were to remove the old journal and make a post telling us of what you've done. There's no need to reapply.
10. You are expected to vote/post at least once a week, unless you are on an excused hiatus. If you're inactive, lucidstar will contact you, and after three days, if you don't reply to her, you'll be removed from the members list.
11. If you have left the community and wish to rejoin there is no need to reapply. All you need do is locate your original application in the archive and create a post linking it.

Fill it out accordingly; answer honestly. Don't edit the HTML if you're not entirely sure as to what you're doing (although personalisation is fine!), and remember do not use Rich Text.

If you would like to preview the application go here.

Feel free to use any of the promotional banners you see listed on this page. We have provided copy and paste coding to make your life that much easier.

Also, any members interested in putting their creativity to work and creating new banners for us are always welcome. Promoting is encouraged here; there can never be too many tools with which to do so!

Love, honour, and obey. Always obey.

Name: Stina
LJ: lucidstar
AIM: lileclectic165
E-mail: stina6584@gmail.com

Name: Rheta
LJ: teechers_pet
AIM: t33ch3rsp3t

Name: Andrea
LJ: oh_simple_thing
AIM: andavis0
E-mail: and045@truman.edu

theme</b> is all about your favorite websites. Link us to your favorite websites.

This week's scavenger hunt is random! Do an image search on your favorite search engine (or use pictures you've taken yourself) and pick and post the images you like best. Don't forget to use an LJ-cut! The first person to find and post all 10 pictures behind an LJ-cut will receive 1/2 an auto-accept/ reject.

1. Flintstones vitamins
2. Shirt in your favorite color
3. Photograph by Richard Avedon
4. Toering ( ha ha)
5. A place you want to vacation to
6. Tiki
7. Mannequin
8. Andy Warhol
9. One of your favorite movies
10. Faygo grape soda

Off with you! Scavenge us good.

If you would like to suggest a theme, tell us as much here.

To view the list of members who hold auto-accept/ auto-rejects click here.

Every extraordinany community has extraordinary members, and _notso_ordinary is no exception. For a current list of stamped members and their positions, click here.

For lists of applicants who have been rejected and banned, click here and here, respectively.

Current sister communities


If you would like to become a sister community with _notso_ordinary please contact one of the mods. We ask that sister communities be active, inner-beauty communities only.

Thank you to the wonderful sp0ngey for the user info set.

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