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I need help [Friday
09 29 06 - 06:59P]


Okay, I really need help. Well theres this guy that I was dating for almost a year, and then I moved 7 hours away. I had a feeling it wasn't going to work out and although it hurt, I ended it. Well hes really been making an effort to get back with me, and I really am seeing how sweet he is, but heres my dilemma..

At my new home, theres this guy I go to school with, and i like him soo much. We work together, and we hang out together every night. Some nights, hes so incredibly flirty, and other nights, he just acts like I'm not really even there. Hes so perfect, and we have so much fun together, more than my ex and I ever had. But then theres even more to the story.

This new guy, has a secret. It kinda bothers me, but I feel so close to him that I could get over it. Hes bisexual. He says he loves this guy, and its making things complicated, cause I don't think this guy likes him back. But he is so hooked on this other guy, and thats when he acts like he doesn't even know that I'm there.. but everyone already thinks we are going out.. and its not fair. The question everyone asks me, I want so hard to answer yes, and it hurts so bad to say no.. we are just friends.. I don't know what to do..

Should I try and get back with my ex who is really trying to make an effort despite the miles between us, or should I get with the other guy, and wait for him to get hurt by the one he loves, and be there for him to fall back on?

Please help me!
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