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I'd rather be anything but ordinary

Name; Preferred Name: Nicolette; Nicolette.
Nickname(s) -- How did you earn them?: My small handful of nicknames includes Pooh Bear, Nicci Sue, Nikki, and Nikkita Banana. Pooh Bear and Nicci Sue were given to me by my family (Pooh Bear because I loved Winnie the Pooh as a child, and Nicci Sue because my Godmother wanted to call me that) and Nikki & Nikkita Banana were given by my friends.
Age: 18
Location: Mesa, AZ
Gender: Female
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Do you have a job? Do you go to school? Do you do both? Tell us about it: Currently, I attend Arizona State University (major: philosophy) and I am hoping to get a job at the University Computing Commons. School is my passion (especially now that I can actually choose what I want to take!) and I have a feeling that education will always be a part of my life.
Tell us one thing about you that you think EVERYONE should know: I will never back down from a good debate. Perhaps it's because I was involved in high school forensics for three years, or maybe it's because of the way I've been raised, but I absolutely love debating about most topics. Ooh, I was also a member of this community about a year ago, but I had to leave because school (and speech season) left me with little time to dedicate to it. Now I would love to come back, if possible.

Movie(s): When Harry Met Sally, Friday Night Lights, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...
TV Show(s): Grey's Anatomy is my favorite by far, but I also enjoy Nancy Grace and watching various Senate committees duke it out on CSPAN.
Book(s): The Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, everything by Sarah Vowell, anything by David Sedaris, and God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo.
Band(s)/ Singer(s)/ Composer(s): My taste in music changes all the time, but right now I'm a pretty big fan of Peachcake, The Magnetic Fields, Death Cab for Cutie, Get Set Go, and The Postal Service. Jimmy Eat World, however, has my heart always and forever (perhaps it's the Arizona thing, eh?).
Games (video games, board games, or otherwise): I'm a pretty big fan of rummy, poker, Monopoly, Life, and the occasional video game (including Madden 06 and Spyro).
Food(s): If it's vegetarian and a sandwich, I will order it.
Drink(s): Water :) Three years of forensics has forced me to enjoy downing 12+ bottles in a single day.
Quote: I have two:
"If your intentions are pure
I'm seeking a friend
for the end of the world."
-Chris Cornell, "Preaching the End of the World"

"And no matter what anybody says about grief, and about time healing all wounds, the truth is, there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the heart stops beating and the last breath is taken."
-Trixie in Tiffanie DeBartolo's God Shaped Hole

Explain the story/ meaning behind your LJ username: Thre years ago when I decided to create my livejournal, I was a rather emo-esque sophomore who thought that late-night streams of consciousness were "cool". I tried for 3am_confessions, but it was taken, so 4am it was. I have since considered changing it, but the name has grown on me a little.
If you were given the chance, what personality trait and what physical trait would you change about yourself? As far as personality goes, I'm not as up-front as I should be in some situations and way too up-front in others, so I would alter my judgment. It would be nice if I could make some decisions these days without feeling like I've made a mistake. As far as a physical trait, I would tone my stomach a little more so it's bikini ready. Shallow? Of course, but it's honest..
What are some of your pet peeves? It irks me when people don't know (or don't bother to use) the different forms of "your", "you're", "their", "they're", "there", and when people say "EXpresso" or "EXspecially". Drives me stark-raving mad.
We all have guilty pleasures. What is (are) yours? Ooh, trashy television. I hate to admit it, but I have watched episodes of Laguna Beach before.
What song or set of lyrics best represents you? These are from Jimmy Eat World's "The World You Love":
Don't it feel like sunshine after all?
The world you love forever gone.
We're only just as happy
as everyone else seems to think we are.

That song has been my personal mantra for a couple of years now. It's difficult to articulate exactly how they emulate who I am, but they strike a chord so deep within me that it's impossible that they're not a part of me. Does that make sense? I hope so.
One moment that has changed/affected your life: Joining the forensics team at my high school a little over three years ago changed the course of my entire high school career. More than how to communicate effectively, I learned how to make friends, manage my time, and lead a team to a second place 'victory' at State. The three years I competed with the team were the beset three years of my life, and I wouldn't give up any of it. Not the late nights and earlier morning, not the panty-hose and the high heels, and certainly not the weeks on end with five hours of sleep a night (at best) and 36-hour weekends. Beautiful.
What are some of your goals and ambitions for the future? Be sure to include one thing you absolutely want to do before you die: I want to have a family of my own for sure before I die, and though that technically trumps any career ambitions I have, I really would love to become a lawyer someday. I'm looking at corporate, water, and environmental law right now.
Which words best describe you? High-strung, hard-working, dedicated, loyal, giving.
If you could travel back (or forward) in time, what time period would you choose to travel to and why? Hmm, probably the turn of the century in America. There were SO many things going on during that time, and I'd like to stick around for about twenty years or so to witness it all. That time-period is absolutely fascinating, and I'd like to witness the time period that inspired most of Fitzgerald's works firsthand. (I realize that he writes about the twenties more than the turn-of-the-century, but his childhood certainly has an impact on his writing, so shadowing him as he becomes the writer we know and love today would be an amazing experience.)
What is the kindest thing you've done for another without asking or expecting anything in return? It sounds incredibly odd, but I think donating blood and signing up to become an organ donor when I die has to be the kindest. There's nothing better than giving the gift of life, right? I try to donate blood fairly regularly, but being a vegetarian makes it difficult to keep an iron level high enough for the UBS, so I can't donate every time. I do try, though. :)

Choose 5 of the opinion prompts below. There are suggestions after some of the prompts. Please do not feel that you have to discuss all of the suggestions; you don't have to address any of them if that's your prerogative. They are there simply to provoke thought.

  • Reproductive Issues (Abortion, the availability of Plan-B over-the-counter, insurance coverage for birth control):
    I am pro-choice, but that's partially because most of the "pro-life" people I know are actually "pro-birth". Until we can solve the problems with the adoption systems in our country (it's so difficult to adopt a child in America that most prospective adoptive parents look elsewhere) and allow for unwed mothers to have a place to turn to if they need help getting a job or taking care of their baby, I simply cannot support the prohibition of abortion in our country. Yes, that child could have become the next Beethoven, but only if he/she was given the resources necessary to develop that kind of skill. The fact of the matter is, most children born to mothers who weren't ready (candidates for abortion) are brought into a world of abuse, poverty, and other such horrors. It's difficult to choose ending the life over letting the child try, but I have to look at the kind of life they would lead and allowing the mother to wait until she is ready to handle the responsibility of raising a child and I have to choose that every time. There is nothing worse than not being loved enough or never being able to have any social mobility because your mother absolutely had to have you. That's not articulated particularly well, but it's a difficult issue to take a stance on in the first place.
  • Religion:
    Ultimately, I think that religion is a tool to greater faith and spirituality. People who have it and follow whatever doctrine it sets out to the T are absolutely wonderful, as are those who aren't religious at all. There's no possible way to know what happens in the afterlife, so if you treat your fellow man with the utmost respect and courtesy, you should be okay. I enjoy discussing religious differences with friends, as it generally leads to a deeper understanding of why they are the way they are (and vice versa, I'm sure).
  • Legal Drinking Age (Should there be an a legal drinking age? If so, what should it be? Why?):
    I feel there should be a legal drinking age, though 21 is a little high for my liking. While I can understand why the drinking age was set there (even in the late teens, cognitive development is still occuring), it seems a little ridiculous in this day and age. I propose that the drinking age is lowered to 19 and the age to enlist in the military is raised to 19 as well, though all other facets of full citizenship are gained at age 18. I think it's a reasonable compromise for all parties involved, though I'm sure legislators would have quite the problem with my proposal.
  • Animal Rights:
    Animals should be treated with respect just as humans should, though I have little problem with the practice of killing them for food (within reason). Factory farms are something I have a HUGE problem with for a number of reasons--it facilitates an environment in which animals are subjected to horrifying living conditions and it harms the rest of the environment as well (see Al Franken's englightening chapter in his book Lies about the vast lagoons of pig feces). There are other ways to raise animals for consumption (or other use, if you're harvesting their milk/eggs) and I'd personally pay higher food costs to ensure that I'm supporting farms that treat their animals humanely.
  • Gay rights (Gay marriage, Adoption, domestic partner rights for insurance coverage):
  • Sex Education (Should it be mandatory? Comprehensive vs. abstinence-only):
    I feel very strongly that comprehensive sex-education should be mandatory. The fact of the matter is, abstinence-only education, while laden with good intentions, simply doesn't work to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies or the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. Actually, many studies indicate that people who were exposed only to abstinence-only education were far less likely to use any kind of contraception or method of protection the first time they had sex, and were far more likely to engage in oral sex than those who were subjected to comprehensive sex education. Teenagers and other young-adults need to be fully educated on how to best have safe sex, including emphasis that the best way to have save sex is to not have sex at all. If we expect people to have safe sex if and when they do choose to have it, we first have to arm them with the proper tools.
  • Education/ Dropping out of school:
  • Censorship (Censorship in the media, Government censorship):

    Pick a topic, not listed above, about which you feel strongly. Tell us your opinion on it, and why you feel so strongly about it.
    I feel that the government has become more about personal agendas and mudslinging than actual leadership and progression for the country, and it's sickening. The people we elected to all levels of office (state, federal, congress, executive--you name it, there are rogues there) are so wrapped up in completing their own agendas that leaderships has become less about constituents and more about lobbyists. I hope that the 2006 congressional elections can restore a partisan balance in the Senate and the House that hasn't existed for almost six years, and I hope that the election of 2008 can really change the problems that the Bush Administration has brought into light.

    Now, tell us one topic that you wish people would simply stop talking about and let us know why:
    I really wish people would stop talking about Paris Hilton in all ways, shapes, and forms. It's ironic, but my mother and I were discussing her fame last night, and neither of us can really figure out when she became famous or why. It's annoying that a no-talent hack like her gets a record deal and lord knows what else because she grew up with Daddy's money. Move out of the spotlight and let someone deserving take it for once.

    (Choose at least 1 prompt below.)

  • Post a picture that you feel best represents you. This may not simply be a picture of yourself. Explain to us why you chose this picture and how it is representative of your personality.
    I hope you don't mind that I'm posting two...

    This picture is of a group of Arizona kids at Nationals this year, and it's representative of me because forensics is SUCH a big part of my life. That suit is the most precious thing I own, no joke, and I feel more comfortable in it than in anything else I own. (By the way, I'm the girl on the far left..)

    This was also taken at Nationals, but it's more representative of my tendency to look at the brighter side in life. I will ALWAYS look for a silver lining, no matter how dismal things may look. It's a blessing and a curse, truly..

  • You're the lead singer of a popular band. We want to hear all about it. What kind of music do you play? What is the name of the band? What is the name of your album and your first hit single. Also, give us a preview of the lyrics.
  • Post an original work. This can be a poem, short story, drawing, painting, link to a sound clip, etc. Wow us with your talent

    what will we say?
    I said, "I'm sorry."
    you said nothing.

    I think you made one mistake
    but started with two.

    and the next time
    we'll have four days
    to make it right.
    ninety six hours
    to decide
    if we're really happy
    with the outcome.

    (It doesn't have a title because it's just a blurb that came out on a cocktail napkin.)

    Where/from whom did you hear about us? I used to be a member (as I mentioned above) and I loved the community so much that I had to come back.
    The community name is Not So Ordinary. So, tell us what makes you not so ordinary: I am my own person. It took me three years, but I finally grew out of my shell enough to be a strong individual. I will say what is on my mind (often without thinking and alway without apology) because I believe the truth is the most important. Also, I use ridiculous hand gestures when talking (my friends liken me to a killer robot) and I regularly use stock transitions (such as "furthermore," "the fact of the matter is," and "ultimately") in daily conversation.
    Why do you want to join this community?
    I think the concept is superb, and I had a lot of fun being active in it last summer. I have more time to dedicate to it these days, hence why I wanted to come back.
    Any last words?
    Thank you for the opportunity! Even if I don't get in, I know you guys are a stellar group of people and fully commend what you're doing.

    Give us a 100x100 picture for the members page if you are accepted.

    It's actually 97x100, but I can try to find a better picture that I can crop to exactly 100x100 if necessary.

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