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Sorry, I was out of town.

Sorry I'm late with this. I was out for the weekend so my computer time was somewhat limited. Anyway, on with the update.

New activities starting this week. There will also be an activities "schedule" coming out sometime this week. And the new activities are....

...Playlist- I will give you a theme and you guys will have an opportunity to upload your favorite song(s) for the playlist.
...Mix'n'Match- This is pretty much what it sounds like. You will be given item to match together. For example, I might give you 10 book titles and 10 authors. Your job would be to match the book to it's author. This is replacing our contest so the person who gets to most correct answers will win an auto-accept/ reject.
...20 Questions- One of the mods will think of a person, place, thing. Your job is to determine what the mod is thinking about by asking yes or no questions. The first person to submit the correct answer will win and auto-accept/ reject.
...Member spotlight- We haven't decided how frequently this activity will run, but it's looking like it will occur monthly. This a way to get to know each other better. A member will be selected for the member spotlight, and then other members get a chance to learn more about the member spotlight by asking questions, friending them, whatever. Members for the member spotlight will be chosen at random; however, we are letting you all volunteer to be selected at some point if you would like to be. Just fill out the poll below, yes or no.

Poll #787718 Member spotlight.

Would you like to be selected for the member spotlight?




Open Applications:
None- so go promote! =]

Members on hiatus:

There are no member birthdays this week.
If you haven't already filled out the birthday poll and want to go here

None this week. You guys have been awesome. Just watch for (and then participate in) the new activities!

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