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Stamped//Scavenger Hunt (I'm playing catch-up now.)

1. Flintstones vitamins

2. Shirt in your favorite color
(Note: I actually OWN this, same color and everything).

3. Photograph by Richard Avedon

4. Toering ( ha ha)

5. A place you want to vacation to
This is Kodiak Island, Alaska. I get to go there with my husband next summer. That's going to be our vacation. :) And I definitely want to go there.

6. Tiki

7. Mannequin
(Hey, they didn't say that it had to be an actual mannequin. I thought a cheesy 80s movie by the same name would be funny and unusual).

8. Andy Warhol

9. One of your favorite movies

10. Faygo grape soda

...and there you have it.
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