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 ° First name, age, location (obviously): Jacey, 15, Michigan
° Two places you promoted: 1 2
° Name your top 6 favorite bands (if they suck, you suck): I like almost anything. I love Blink 182, metro station, Jason mraz is amazing, Leonna Lewis has a good voice. John meyer has good lyrics, and Flyleaf is also one of my favorites.
° Top 6 favorite movies (and don't just do a google search for cool indie movies to look hip): Juno, Superbad, The Notebook, Chicago, League of Their Own, and We Own the Night.
° Top 6 favorite books (we'd like to know you can read): To Kill a Mockingbird, Smashed, Come Back, Life of Pi, Best Friends, & 13 Little Blue Envelopes
° Your political stance: Democrat.
° Why do you want to join _notlikely?: I used to go on GJ a lot and it is my first time on LJ. I was in a lot of rating communities on GJ and Im addicted to them. I heard this was an active community.
° Why do WE want you to join _notlikely? I am fun and young. And though I am young I am not stupid. I can bring new ideas to the community.
° Career goal[s]: I plan on interning at Caraco Pharmaceuticals while in college and going to Oakland University. I will intern with the attorney there, as a paralegal. I will be a paralegal for a while and pursue the track of being an attorney.
° How did you find us?: Just searching LJ for rating communities.
° Pics [no more than 8 no less than four]:



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