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Fresh Meat

° First name, age, location (obviously): Talia (Pronounced Tall-Yuh) 21 Japan

° Two places you promoted: http://community.livejournal.com/batmyeyelash_/2204.html?mode=reply
I even made you guys a cool banner.

° Name your top 6 favorite bands (if they suck, you suck): A Perfect Circle, Derision, Bells Theorem, Lacuna Coil, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails.

° Top 6 favorite movies (and don't just do a google search for cool indie movies to look hip): ALL They Harry Potters, Love and a 45, Rose Red, Dogma, Queen Of The Damned, Eurotrip,.

° Top 6 favorite books (we'd like to know you can read): ALL The Harry Potters, Anything by Dean Koontz, Anything Ocult/Paranormal, Anything Fairy Tale/Mystical, The Anita Blake Vampire Novels, Books of the Sexual Persuassion, especially books with fun stuff for hubby and me to try, but I like reading the blooper ones too!:P

° Your political stance: I don't really follow politics, but I guess you could call me a liberal. I can't stand Radical Right Wing Conservatives, they make me want to cut their faces off with dull barb wire!

° Why do you want to join _notlikely?: Because it seems like a great community, or I'm sure it will be once it gets all active again!

° Why do WE want you to join _notlikely? Becuase I am a Sexy, Sassy, Opinionated, Feisty Little Woman who will bring mischief and fun to the table.

° Career goal[s]: I will be starting college here soon with a major in psychology, and a minor in Photography, I love them both, I want to eventually become a Marriage Counselor/Sex Therapist. (Look Out Dr. Ruth! :) ) I'm also pursuing, Alternative/Gothic/Plus Size modeling on the side.

° How did you find us?: I was searching for communities to promote my own in, and ran across this one.

° Pics [no more than 8 no less than four]:

<img src="

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