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° N/A/L?: Emilie, 17, Massachusetts
° Two places you promoted: fashion_crisis, StyleSuggestion

° Name your top 6 favorite bands : Rancid, Action Action, Motion City Soundtrack, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, The Distillers.

° Top 6 favorite movies (and don't just do a google search for cool indie movies to look hip): Party Monster, Walk the line (i don't care if it just came out i'm in love with it), Baseketball, Monsoon Wedding, Dead Man Walking, Ice Storm

° Top 6 favorite books: The Bell Jar, Lord of The Rings, Nothing Feels Good, Running with Scissors, Magical Thinking, Dry.

° Your political stance: I don't follow any party. I don't like the idea of aligning myself with a certain set of beliefs, because I don't agree 100% with any party. However, my family is super democratic, so if I had to pick one I guess that would be it.

° Why do you want to join _notlikely?: I feel like people are always telling me what I want to hear, not what I need to hear.  I trust that you will all tell me the truth.

° Why do WE want you to join _notlikely? Because I can be a total bitch, but I'm always honest. I'm not mean just for the hell of it.

° Career goal[s]: Journalist

° How did you find us?: livejournal interest search
° Pics [no more than 8 no less than four]:


I'm not wearing the dogcollar seriously, it was part of spirit for a school thing.

Me and my brother because he's my best friend.

rate me as harsh as you'd like, I want to know everything you have to say.




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