Katie. (wait_what_sure) wrote in _notlikely,

° First name, age, location (obviously):
.Newport Beach/Costa Mesa/CA. (Orange County.)
° Two places you promoted:
° Name your top 6 favorite bands (if they suck, you suck):
 .The Beatles.
 .System of a Down.
° Top 6 favorite movies (and don't just do a google search for cool indie movies to look hip):
 .Rocky Horror Picture Show.
 .Harold and Maude.
 .Benny & Joon.
 .Nightmare Before Christmas.
 .Robin Hood Men in Tights.
 .Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
° Top 6 favorite books (we'd like to know you can read):
 .Go Ask Alice.
 .Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
 .Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
 .Of mice and Men.
 .Big Fish.
 .To Kill a Mockingbird.
° Your political stance:I don't know
enough about politics to have a strong oppinion. I do not wish to be
one of those people who tries to have an oppinion about something when
they know nothing about it. I need to know more about something before
i judge or choose anything

° Why do you want to join _notlikely?: Honestly, mostly to prove that i can. And because I want to see how
people i don't know react to me

° Why do WE want you to join _notlikely?Because
I am different than most, and will give a different view on rating. and
will be active.

° Career goal[s]:Although I am still in high school, i want to attend college in L.A. majoring in performing arts
° How did you find us?: I searched rating comunitites.
° Pics [no more than 8 no less than four]:


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