Rude and Not Ginger

because plain old not_ginger was taken!

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Membership to this community is moderated but open.

The Rules

Look, I don't want to moderate this community any more than you all want to be moderated. We're all adults here; let's act like it.


  • Links to fic of any flavor, suitably labeled. Please do not post fic directly to the community.

  • Images; behind cut tags. Images include icons, screen grabs, wallpaper, etc.

  • Discussion, etc. on Doctor Who spin-offs.
  • Links to articles of interest. You may re-post an article, but remember that the cut-tag is your friend.

  • Information about actors in the show.

  • Discussion, theories, debate*

*This relates to any of the ten doctors...not just the last two.


  • Spoilers that are not behind cut tags. Information is considered a spoiler if it is about a yet-to-be-aired episode. If you're talking about the current episode, it is no longer a spoiler five days after the Saturday it aired in the UK. (That's THURSDAY.)

  • Character bashing. Not liking a character is one thing, bashing is another.

  • Flaming about 'ships. I mean it.

  • Flaming about which Doctor was/is the best. Totally mean it.

  • Intolerance of personal beliefs, religions, lifestyles, etc. Intolerance for idiocy is both welcome and encouraged.

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