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Winners and mid week reminder

I apologize about the late announcement of the winners and the challenge running kind of long. I guess this is what happens with life gets in the way a little bit. Well, I'm back and ready to get this stuff going again. Please don't forget to enter some icons! They will be due on Friday evening at 11pm central time! The challenge post is here!

There is also a screencap suggestion thread. If you'd like to suggest something feel free, here!

Is there anyone that would like to make banners? If so, please reply to this post!

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One thing I'd like to bring up before I announce the winners for the week. Someone voted with three user names three times under various accounts for their own icon. ALL of your votes (every time you voted) have been disqualified. I have also disqualified your icon. I can tell when you cheat, because ALL of the IP addresses are the same. I really don't appreciate cheaters, and if I catch this person again, you will be banned (all of your user names) from the community. This spoils the icontest for everyone, including myself.

Thank you for the great turnout, otherwise! I really liked this round. I'll be posting the new screencaps soon. If there is someone that would be willing to make banners for any of the weeks we are missing, I would appreciate that as well.

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Winners and challenge extension

I'm going to extend the current challenge, because we only have a handful of participants so far. I think we can have a lot more members enter the challenge! The post to enter your icons is HERE! (You have until next Friday the 18th.)

Is there someone that would be willing to make banners for this set of winners? If you are please let me know!

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Due to a low amount of entries this week, I'm going to extend the current challenge until next week. All entries will be due Friday, July 28th at 11pm central time. Good luck and I hope to see some more entries!

Thanks to brooke70 for volunteering to make banners! :)

Now onto the winners for this past week (better late then never, right?)

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Sorry this is so late, my holiday weekend was busier then I expected! Here are the winners, and the new challenge will be posted soon after. I'm going to give you until next Friday to enter icons for the next challenge as well.

Is there someone that would like to make banners for this set of winners? We still need a banner maker for last week as well. If you're interested in making either set please reply to this post.

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