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More votes!

Happy Memorial Day to those that celebrate it.
We have too close of a tie for the Buffy caps. There are at least 4 icons with the same amount of votes. Please go cast your vote! If the ties aren't broken later I'll leave the voting up until tomorrow. I'll post the new challenge a little bit later today no matter what.


We still need a banner maker for this set of winners, is anyone interested? Please reply to this post. *insert sad puppy face here*

Keep voting!

We have WAY too many ties right now, so I'm going to leave the voting up until tomorrow night instead. If you haven't voted already, please do! We have 250+ members, just take a second and vote. The icon makers put a lot of time and effort into making some great icons, lets vote and appreciate their work!
Voting is HERE!

I'm also going to put up the new challenge now so you can get started on that.

Anyone want to make banners for the winners announced tomorrow? If you're interested please reply to this post. :)

More votes!

Keep voting! We have quite a few ties, and I'm hoping that with some more votes we can break those. The vote post is here. We also need a banner maker for this set of winners, if you're interested please let me know.