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Final extension!

I'm hoping this community isn't dead due to a little neglect from me... Sorry about that. I am giving this current challenge ONE more week and then we're moving on! I'm hoping that we'll have a good amount of entries next week and have two polls. So please enter your icons!!! here!
You will hear from me in a week with the poll and new screencaps to come after that! If you have screencap suggestions, there is also a thread for that.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the people in the US! Have a great weekend!


Due to the low amount of entries again, I will extend the challenge one week. All icons will be due NEXT FRIDAY. I still feel as if I picked bad caps. I think I will probably post a suggestion for caps thread sometime during the week, so watch for that.

Challenge post is here!

extension, of the last kind

What the heck is going on with the community? Is it a slow week? Two weeks in a row. We have such a LOW amount of entries. Did I pick bad caps? What is going on?
(Sorry for all of the questions!)
I am giving you ONE LAST WEEK. Entries are due NEXT Friday, October 6th. PLEASE enter if you haven't already!!!
Challenge post is HERE where? HERE


I am so surprised that these caps weren't very popular this week. I'm giving it another go, and hoping that everyone was just busy. You have another week to enter icons, if you haven't done that yet, please do so! Entries due NEXT Friday (Sept 29th).
The challenge post is HERE!

Challenge extended!

I'm going to extend this challenge for another week due to a low entry count. We do have a few icons, but I'm SURE we can get more entries then what we currently have. Thank you to those of you who have already submitted icons. For those of you who have not submitted icons, you have another week! Entries are due next Friday! The challenge post is here!


I feel bad doing this all the time... but we need to extend the challenge another week due to low entry count. Please check out the caps and enter some icons! Entries will be due next Friday (Sept 1st) at 11pm central time. Here's the challenge post, and good luck!

Winners and challenge extension

I'm going to extend the current challenge, because we only have a handful of participants so far. I think we can have a lot more members enter the challenge! The post to enter your icons is HERE! (You have until next Friday the 18th.)

Is there someone that would be willing to make banners for this set of winners? If you are please let me know!

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