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Not Fade Away-a Buffyverse icon challenge
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Welcome to _notfadeaway_ a new Buffyverse challenge community that I have created. I'm glad you found the community and I hope you decide to join! :)

Here's the deal:
Starting every Sunday evening I will post two sets of screencaptures. I will include 1-4 screencaptures in each category. Every week there will be a Buffy The Vampire Slayer and an Angel set.
All members have until Friday at 11pm Central time to get their entries in. When posting your entries please reply to my screencapture post as a comment (entries are screened). Then Saturday-Sunday all members will get to vote for their one-three favorite icon(s) for both sets of screencaptures.

The top 3 icons for each screencapture will be awarded and receive banners. Another award that we have here at _notfadeaway_ is the "Magic Bullet" (mod's choice) award. This will be given to a LJ user that has shown uniqueness and creativity in making their icon. It's chosen by your mod gotr1426.

Every month I also run a default icon challenge. I will choose an episode from either Buffy or Angel and users will have to use screencaps from that specific episode to make their icons. (I will provide some good screencapture sites, users can also make their own screencaps as long as it's from the correct episode.) Each user can submit up to two icons for this challenge. At the end of a two week period members will vote on their favorite icon and the winner will become the default icon for the community for the next month. The timeline for this challenge is the same as the regular challenge (challenge given Sunday night, entries due by 11pm central time on Friday, voting Friday night to Sunday, Sunday the winner is announced), except there is a two week period to enter icons.

-Please don't vote for your own icon.
-Please don't post your icons anywhere or use them until the vote is over.
-You have to post your icon AS A COMMENT to my screencapture entry (comments will be screened).
-Only submit two icons for each screencapture category (ie one BtVS and one AtS).
-Other pictures can be used in your icon, but the supplied picture has to be the MAIN image.
-The icon(s) have to meet lj standards (no bigger then 100x100 and under 40K).
-Text is permitted but please don't be offensive... just use your judgement.
-Animations are ok as long as they are meeting the rest of the rules.
-Posting the URL of your icons is a requirement if entries do not have the URL they will not count.
-You MUST be a member of the community to enter icons and win challenges. ANY NON-MEMBERS entries will be disqualified.
-Most importantly, have fun!

If you have any questions feel free to contact the moderator gotr1426 at my personal Live Journal here or through email at gotr1426@yahoo.com. Thanks and enjoy all of the icons!

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