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The poll showed that all of you would rather leave voting the way it was... I have to say that personally I agree with the majority, I like the poll voting. So, for now we will continue with poll voting for your 1-3 favorite icons each week. That being said, it was a 3 way tie (which doesn't make sense but you know what I mean) for second place for both categories, ha.

1st Place: _jc_icons_ with

2nd Place: a three way tie!madelineanne with ,
stepinsidelove with , and
koala990 with

3rd Place: kathyh with

Magic Bullet: drimeth with

Cordy and Co:
1st Place: elizalavelle with

2nd Place: a three way tie!madelineanne with ,
jessiesquash with , and
kathyh with

3rd Place: bubbles_girl778 with

Magic Bullet: ms_conduct with

shortiegirl06 will be making banners again this week. Thanks! :)

New screencaps will be up soon!

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