Megan (gotr1426) wrote in _notfadeaway_,


Here are the winners for the week. Congrats to everyone on a job well done!

Buffy and Spike:
1st Place: a tie! joyfulgirl1013 with and starchild42 with
2nd Place: americus_ with 3rd Place: killmebecomeme with
Magic Bullet: amethyst_gems with

Angel Gang:
1st Place: stepinsidelove with 2nd Place: binka_boo with
3rd Place: starchild42 with Magic Bullet: xxspikes_petxx with

I still need a banner maker for the week. If anyone is interested please let me know! :)

On another note I also started a new community gavin_stillness, it's for the musician Gavin DeGraw, if you're interested go check it out!

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