April 2nd, 2006


New screencaps!

New caps! Voted on by you!

Rule Reminder:
-You can submit up to 4 icons (two for each category)
-All entries will be screened
-You cannot post your entries anywhere else until after voting is over
-Animation is allowed
-You can use any or all of the images (blending is fine)
-Other images can be used... but you must use at least one of the provided caps as the main image
-All entries are due by Saturday, April 8th at 11pm central time (note the different day this week, I will not be around on Friday)
-Please post the URL for your entries as well as the img src links
-Make sure you have your icon(s) uploaded to a proper image hosting website ( such as http://www.photobucket.com)
-Please try to post all icon entries as one reply

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Here are the banners for the last two challenges. I'm sorry the one set is so late... They're not very fancy, and I aplogize for that as well... I made them more general so I could mass produce them a little quicker. I've been making banners and doing challenge stuff for a few hours, so my patience is wearing thin. Anyway!

The banners are Collapse )