December 17th, 2005



I'm so very impressed by everyone this week. We lots of entries and they all look great! I'm so glad I don't have to extend the challenge another week. :)
Some of you might be wondering if I'm going to put the community on hiatus, the last two years I have not done that... so I'm still not planning on it. Although, if I post the next challenge and there aren't enough entries by this Friday, I'll extend it another week. Keep looking for the challenges here! I'll post the new caps on Sunday evening.

Now it's time to vote.
♥ You cannot vote for yourself
♥ You can vote for one-three icon(s) in each category
♥ Make sure you look at all of the icons, the Something Blue section has 16 icons... so there are two poll questions for those.
♥ Good luck!

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