October 16th, 2005


Default icon challenge!

In addition to the regular challenge this week I'm going to run the default icon challenge again!

Each user can create and enter up to two icons from the Buffy episode "Becoming Part 2". All entries need to be posted as a comment to this post (all entries will be screened)! All the same rules apply (animation is allowed, all icons under 40K, no bigger than 100x100, and users cannot post their icons anywhere else until after voting has ended).
Just remember that all entries have to be from the Buffy episode "Becoming Part 2", any entries that are not from that episode will be disqualified. You can use any caps from the episode. They can be from the links below, another site, or make your own! Anything goes.

Because this is a special challenge I'm going to run it for 2 weeks. Entries will be due by Friday, October 28th at 11pm central time. After the entries are in I will post a poll with all of the icons. What ever icons wins will become the new user icon! Good luck to everyone! If you have any questions check the user info first and then ask. :)

Some screencap sites are:
Screencap Paradise, Buffy: A Screencap Site, Buffyworld, and Freeze Frame.
<3 my Chucks

Banners for this weeks winners

Because scrapbook is retarded, these are out of order, sorry. Please alert me if I made any mistakes and I will go back and fix it!

Edit: I already saw a mistake,I will fix it in a few minutes, sorry!
Edit #2: Ok, re-did the one I screwed up, the fixed banner is at the bottom of the page under the cut!
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