October 14th, 2005



It's now time to vote for your favorite icons. Remember you can vote for 1-3 icons in each category and you are not able to vote for yourself. If you vote too many times or vote for yourself none of your votes will count.

We still need a banner maker for this last set of winners we had. If you are interested in making the banners for this last week's winners let me know. We also need a banner maker for this week too. :)

I've also included a question about our next default icon challenge. I want to know what episode you'd like to use... Don't know what I'm talking about? Check the user info FIRST before asking. (it's in there, I promise) FYI, if you don't remember the Buffy or Angel episode and would like to look it up I'd suggest The Buffyverse DB it has an EXCELLENT synopsis and quotes from each and every episode of AtS and BtVS.

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