October 8th, 2005



It's now time to vote for your favorite icon(s). Thank you to everyone who entered. I asked for more icons and you delivered, you guys are great! :)

One thing I do have to point out/ask is that you make sure that the image hosting site that you are using allows direct linking. I had a couple of problems with that this week. I don't mind uploading them once to my own site, because all the entries should be included, but the next time around you must find a site to upload them to or I cannot include your entries in the poll. Imageshack, fotopic.net, and xs.to hosting do not work as direct links, fyi. If you are looking for a place to upload your icons http://www.photobucket.com is a great place, I think that livejournal also allows some image uploads too. If you have any questions about that, feel free to ask.

You know the voting rules but,you can vote for 1-3 icons in each category (1-3 in B/A/S and 1-3 in C/W) and you CANNOT vote for yourself.
If you vote incorrectly, votes can be changed by clicking on the poll # and then clicking on vote in poll. Any votes with more then 3 icons for a category will void all votes from that user.
I've also included a poll question for our next default icon challenge. I want to know what episode from Buffy or Angel the users think we should use. It's a text entry, so you need to write in either the episode name or corresponding #. If you don't know episode names or numbers go check out Buffyverse DB and I'm SURE it will help. :)

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