August 6th, 2005


last reminder

This is your last reminder to enter icons. I'm giving a little bit of an extension since I just got home and will not be posting the poll until morning. You have until approx NOON (central time) today (Saturday) to enter your icons if you have not already. Good luck and I hope to see some more icons! :)
I'll be posting the poll shortly afterwards. Good luck!

extension, again

I have to babysit this evening, and I must leave in just a few minutes. So, again I'm offering ONE LAST extension for the challenge. Entries must be entered by 11pm central time this evening, after that, I'm posting the poll. Sorry about all of the extensions, but it works out better this way... and I don't just want to throw the poll together and not do it right. Look for the poll tonight! :)


It's finally time to vote for your favorite icons! You can vote for 1-3 icons in each category, and you cannot vote for yourself.

The screencaps will be up tomorrow, but I will not announce the winners of this challenge until Monday afternoon. I've included a question about the timeline for the community in this week's poll, so please take the time to fill that question out as well.

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