July 24th, 2005



The poll showed that all of you would rather leave voting the way it was... I have to say that personally I agree with the majority, I like the poll voting. So, for now we will continue with poll voting for your 1-3 favorite icons each week. That being said, it was a 3 way tie (which doesn't make sense but you know what I mean) for second place for both categories, ha.

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New Screencaps!

-You can submit up to 2 icons (one for each category)
-All entries will be screened
-You cannot post your entries anywhere else until after voting is over
-Animation is allowed
-You can use any or all of the images (blending is fine)
-Other images can be used... but you must use at least one of the provided caps as the main image
-All entries are due by Friday, July 29th at 11pm central time

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