July 10th, 2005



Well, it was nice to have a new way of voting. Thank you for all that voted, we didn't have any problems this week with voting. There was a different kind of problem this week, but I take full responsibility for it. I accidentally put 2 #27s for the Fred icons. This of course would change the voting quite a bit, and I feel terrible about it. So what I'm going to ask is to check your vote... if you voted for #27, can you please reply again at the bottom after "the voting is closed" post and put a or b. I'm going to label the icons so that you can tell between the two. In fact
27 A 27 B so you can see them again. The post I'd like all of you to check is here. I already have the Willow/Tara winners and I'm hoping that by sometime tonight I can have the Fred winners too. I'm going to make a deadline for 10pm (central time) tomorrow. You must have edited your post with the correct 27 or I will be unable to count your vote. If the deadline of tomorrow is a big problem or a lot of people have not replied I can always extend it, as it was my fault to begin with. But please try to have it done by tomorrow.

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