June 19th, 2005



It's now time to vote for your favorite icons. Make sure you get those votes in, because you have a little over 24 hours to do so! I'm going to close the voting tomorrow evening. Thank you to everyone who entered and patiently awaiting the polls this week.
Good luck!

Reminder: You can vote for 1-3 icons in each category. If you vote for more, all of your votes will be disqualified.
You cannot vote for yourself.

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New screencaps!

You can submit up to 2 icons (one for each category)
All entries will be screened
You cannot post your entries anywhere else until after voting is over
Animation is allowed
You can use any or all of the images (blending is fine)
Other images can be used... but you must use at least one of the provided caps as the main image
All entries are due by Friday, June 24th at 11pm central time

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