May 8th, 2005



Here are the winners for the week. I had to disqualify a few of the votes because we had some people that voted for more than three icons. Make sure you are only voting for no more than three icons per category. This time the disqualified votes didn't change the outcome, but they could... so make sure you are only voting for three.
Anyway, congrats to all of the winners!
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New Sceencaps!

Happy fiftieth challenge to all of our members! It's been almost a year since I created _notfadeaway_, and the community has grown to almost 200 members! I can't believe that this challenge site has blossomed into something so great. A huge thank you goes out to all of you!!! Thank you for participating in challenges, voting, or making banners! :)

I have a little something else special planned for this week, but you can only see it if you Collapse )