February 27th, 2005


New screencaps

Here are the new screencaps for the week.
Rule Reminders:
-You must post your icon as a comment to this thread (comments will be screened)
-You icon(s) need to meet LJ requirements (100x100 max, under 40K, etc)
-Each user is allowed two entries per week (one for each set of screencaps)
-Entries cannot be posted or used anywhere until the voting has ended (otherwise you will be disqualified)
-Animation is allowed
-Other screencaps not provided can be used as long as at least one of the caps provided is the main image
-Entries are due on Friday at 11pm central time

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Special Challenge!

I think that we need a new default user icon for the community. I made the one that's being used right now, but it's really old. I figured I would start a challenge for the default user icon. Since the community is called _notfadeaway_ I want all screencaps to be used from that episode only.

Each user can create and enter up to two icons from the episode "Not Fade Away". All entries need to posted as a comment to this post (all entries will be screened)! All the same rules apply (animation is allowed, all icons under 40K, no bigger than 100x100, and users cannot post their icons anywhere else until after voting has ended).

Two lovely screencap sites for "Not Fade Away" are Screencapiness and Screencap Paradise. You do not have to use these two sites, you can get your caps from somewhere else, or even make them yourself. Just remember that all entries have to be from the Angel episode "Not Fade Away", any entries that are not from that episode will be disqualified.

Because this is a special challenge I'm going to run it for 2 weeks. Entries will be due by Friday, March 11 at 11pm central time. After the entries are in I will post a poll with all of the icons. Whatever icon wins will become the new user icon. I also think that the 2nd and 3rd places should get awards or something too, but I haven't decided what I'm going to do with that yet. Good luck to everyone! If you have any questions please let me know! :)