Megan (gotr1426) wrote in _notfadeaway_,

Screencap suggestions!

Want the chance to suggest what caps we work with for a week? Tired of the caps being bad or too challenging? Then suggest some caps yourself!

What I'm looking for:
-The episode(s) the caps are from (preferrably giving Buffy and Angel caps links)
-4-6 caps from the same episode
-Links to the caps you're interested in (whether that be in photobucket or in the gallery itself... if the gallery doesn't allow direct linking you'll have to upload 'em. Don't worry before I use them I'll upload them to my server)

*I don't mind if you just suggest episodes, but having the actual caps would be so much more helpful and I would prefer it.
Screening the comments so that no one will see suggestions but me!

Go ahead!!! Suggest!
Tags: screencap suggestions
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