new screencaps!

I'm going to leave the current voting up for a couple more days, in hopes that we will have more participation. If you haven't voted yet, please do so, here!

Here's the rule reminder, because we haven't had a new challenge in awhile. I also provided MANY caps from each episode, so hopefully that will help our entry count too.

-You can submit up to 4 icons (two for each category)
-All entries will be screened
-You cannot post your entries anywhere else until after voting is over
-Animation is allowed
-You can use any or all of the images (blending is fine)
-Other images can be used... but you must use at least one of the provided caps as the main image
-All entries are due by Friday, December 15 at 11pm central time (two weeks)
-Please post the URL for your entries as well as the img src links
-Make sure you have your icon(s) uploaded to a proper image hosting website ( such as http://www.photobucket.com)
-Please try to post all icon entries as one reply If you plan on entering more then one icon SAVE your icon post until you have them all ready

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Long time, no see! ;)
Please vote for your favorite icons. We are only voting for 3 this week (angel and buffy caps combined). Don't vote for your own. Voting is screened, put your fav ones in order.

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Final extension!

I'm hoping this community isn't dead due to a little neglect from me... Sorry about that. I am giving this current challenge ONE more week and then we're moving on! I'm hoping that we'll have a good amount of entries next week and have two polls. So please enter your icons!!! here!
You will hear from me in a week with the poll and new screencaps to come after that! If you have screencap suggestions, there is also a thread for that.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the people in the US! Have a great weekend!

Winners and mid week reminder

I apologize about the late announcement of the winners and the challenge running kind of long. I guess this is what happens with life gets in the way a little bit. Well, I'm back and ready to get this stuff going again. Please don't forget to enter some icons! They will be due on Friday evening at 11pm central time! The challenge post is here!

There is also a screencap suggestion thread. If you'd like to suggest something feel free, here!

Is there anyone that would like to make banners? If so, please reply to this post!

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Screencap suggestions!

Want the chance to suggest what caps we work with for a week? Tired of the caps being bad or too challenging? Then suggest some caps yourself!

What I'm looking for:
-The episode(s) the caps are from (preferrably giving Buffy and Angel caps links)
-4-6 caps from the same episode
-Links to the caps you're interested in (whether that be in photobucket or in the gallery itself... if the gallery doesn't allow direct linking you'll have to upload 'em. Don't worry before I use them I'll upload them to my server)

*I don't mind if you just suggest episodes, but having the actual caps would be so much more helpful and I would prefer it.
Screening the comments so that no one will see suggestions but me!

Go ahead!!! Suggest!


Thank you to the people that entered this challenge! I guess it was another hard week!

Again we didn't have many entries so I'm asking that you only vote for your 3 favorite icons (Buffy and Angel combined). Please don't vote for your own icons either.

I'm going to have a screencap suggestion post to follow very shortly, so watch out for that!

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