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no.names.don't sell out-

escalades and <b>de·bauch·ery</b>

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Here [we] philosofie we profiseye we talk madness into wee hours setting cyberspace stages, and acting out choruses from dead greeks – we deconstruct art to raw colours and burn effigies of neo-classicsm and lyrical formalism. Some of us our communists, others conservative [which they won’t admit, but we’ll expose them yet]
Here we pray to different but disenfranchised others who came before us and worship concrete madmen who decompose under our feet.

We post poems with funny symbols in them (both metaphorical & << ampersands)
We know the jokes inherent in art, and lack the depth perception to adequately capture beautiful rectangles in print- [everyone who will be here will understand this mission(bull)sstatements(shit)

But-we will live and record those meaningless moments / and devastate them as we commit fission against observations and sacrilege against our sense.

Unless someone else is watching, then we throw poop and masturbate