Cal (stars_crashing) wrote in _notepadophila,

Hullo.. my name is Cal.. and I bring words, and things of that nature.

The Sad Reality of a Neo-Desolation Angel

wake up early-
sticky with cold come
to an existence
of too-weak coffee
and an office: 2’x3’
in the hallway of
a disused wing
at the top of the row.
lights flow into oncoming
bass heavy and sad
in papered sepiatone
and smoke (smog).
one break: hardly time
to finish off the
cigarette left lipstick-smeared
in a steel bowl by the bed
from last night.
not what you expected
when you scowled,
sulked and proclaimed
your place in the
grand scheme of things,
but it’s better than
getting married
staying home
and spending an eternity
becoming your parents.

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