Casey Robinson (90564) wrote in _notepadophila,
Casey Robinson


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The brain drain's insane!
But I can't complain
this daytoday chain won't drive me lame
to the cardboard smiles and the concrete homes
underneath sheath the chalkspeck dome

Alone Alone
talk to the telephone
dialtone babies ain't got no home
Unless cold waters rivet to a tone
twisted sublime in the cable-groans

I've painted these colours up in my eyes
to drive up words that materialize
and shift up surface to fogered beach
the one with the smokes and the bells that leach


they're taught but never bought,
told me to sigh, but I never caught
to the lawn and the reverie phones
that chirp through the messages to find and hone

all the bones left to condone

Graveyards, doorsteps and the honeycombs.

Give me a card and some lines to write,
Lend me some ears and some eyes to sight
the boats afloat drifting into light
from from the spectrum of candleflick'd night.

what is this word?A phrase, a daze,
just so absurd
There's no more excuse for excusing oneself
procrastination------------> TO THE DEVIANT SHELF.

No NO it's time to say goodbye
time to yolkskin the prevailing night
and take one's hand and do the fight
that burned the teeth that cracked so light.
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