January 22nd, 2006

Pick Up

TO SEE THIS AS A SCATTERED POEM http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27911642/

Look'd out on this real clear day
On the distance yonder, walingford
poppin' up through the trees with
no leaves
I saw a triangle shaped bright
red building I never seen
Wonder what it is
I might have to find it

Th'one I love ain't pickin' up
Shit, I just wanna talk
Can't I see I'm just a lonely kid
with no mind to mind at all and
I just wanna talk but I get
messed up talkin' to people
Cuz I'm a kid with social impairments
I'm not grown up
I don't know shit but it ain't gettin'
me nowhere
But I shore wish she'd call back

My love ain't answering and
who knows where she is
I sure don't know
I need her like I don't know what
But that's no surprise cuz I'm a
kid who really don't know nothin'

An I got no direction and I'm
seconds away from findin' out that I
really got no chance
I got no chance cuz I haven't seen
that yet, I'm a kid an I don't know nothin'
I won't know nothin' till it's too late
I don't even know that
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