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come my love and live with me

no, i do not have problems
[said the one-eyed monk]
and if i do i don't want to talk about them
i will always tell you i'm okay
even when the smoke shocks my system
and my world's falling down around my ears
so we don't need to discuss it any further.

angry yellow face of pain
the king is dead long live the king
hopefully both will stay that way
and i can close my eyes until tomorrow
or my sainted aunt's minions
the werewolves of london might get me.

it's ten o'clock
and there's nowhere i'd rather be than gone
but i choke on my own creation
no stop sign in sight
tell 'em it's heaven calling
and lucifer’s on the line.

- copyright 2006
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Pick Up

TO SEE THIS AS A SCATTERED POEM http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27911642/

Look'd out on this real clear day
On the distance yonder, walingford
poppin' up through the trees with
no leaves
I saw a triangle shaped bright
red building I never seen
Wonder what it is
I might have to find it

Th'one I love ain't pickin' up
Shit, I just wanna talk
Can't I see I'm just a lonely kid
with no mind to mind at all and
I just wanna talk but I get
messed up talkin' to people
Cuz I'm a kid with social impairments
I'm not grown up
I don't know shit but it ain't gettin'
me nowhere
But I shore wish she'd call back

My love ain't answering and
who knows where she is
I sure don't know
I need her like I don't know what
But that's no surprise cuz I'm a
kid who really don't know nothin'

An I got no direction and I'm
seconds away from findin' out that I
really got no chance
I got no chance cuz I haven't seen
that yet, I'm a kid an I don't know nothin'
I won't know nothin' till it's too late
I don't even know that
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(no subject)

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The typhoon tunnel talks and walks with worms,
Breaking up bones and telling of burn..
broken smokin' afrikan
apple trees and ten times ten

Tundra plains will stretch their strength,
storming towns in river length,
tell me tell me tell me how
the water-rings of the soldier cloud.

Crystals form and frankly speak,
how we talk in verbal leak,
And 'cross the sky as Godly freaks
bring fire to water and break the beast.

Stifled water has chilled the lips,
has turned the boat and yes has flipped,
the last of tales as sailboats whisp,
golden sawdust in the mist.

this community should get started and stuff

look at you, waving your wine glass about
sloshing crimson fluids and spraying droplets onto the wisps of hair that
frame your sloping forehead and
arching neck.
I am spinning scratched records, immersed in trumpet wails and
staring at you from under the ebony rim of my hat,
touching the tips of my fingers, tracing
every pattern in the skin and pretending that one hand is

what do you guys eat at two in the morning?
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(no subject)

wITH my face wedged in corner horners,
our house is waking up stares,
stairs? Fair and undeclared.
Flared and blared these neon frames are sewn in feast and lines
so sttep and sleep the membrane,

Sugar-cane Blane is taking down the wall paper
Mashing the yolks!

Holy moley, the mold is mild, quite and filed
into streets and poken tiles


What is the torn, the storm and the sweet unborn
thriving in combs and thrifts of corn
HEns? Drift and shift, the coral mist and morning bliss

Uncovered and blundered by the smoking spliff?

I remember the happy van, trumdling down the slope
cope cope cope the pope is ripping up the hope
Die Die Die of hallway dogs.
Die Die Die the brigade arikans!

Only the riptide can hide the shame, the blame the tame and the dull innnane


Wait! Wait! Wait for states of imitate, fate and slate the stolen poland mare

Mare, to share the bear of hair.
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It's been so long since I've seen them in my head
the clouds,crowds, and the sweet undead
been a while since tiles they spoke, choke, and toke up times away
sobriety should be killing me
this mind is waiting willingly
for frames left tame and cut not billing me,
no shut up.
it's the sublimation of past aggravations,
the evaporation of owned-up frustrations,
reaping the tide, side by side, creeping the slide,
mind write the ride
trees and bees an' bumble canopies
and lead the forth quarter............................................................................................................................I can('t) function functionally, depth of doom,consume and
loom free my feet
and seat myself in this rigid foam
left to moan,groan in the round unknown......

Ocean swell,feel well, can't tell, rich bells
can't talk, won't walk, themes shock, warm lips
crows bawk,
leave left in smoke in rosary minds,bind time to line the wash/bubble
kind and
KNOW the show we dance in enhance in and glance in
redwood wonders
what's the past in?

If you let me lift the dreamscape,riptape, guns won't hit the water,shipshape,
words won't feed to fodder, suncape, I'll just weed the wonders/dreamscape
don't find,
sand in limestone (runmate) just lift up in the clouds (im-itate)
keep those hands maraders (brokefate) to leave myself unwound (abbreviate)

Eternal hide and seek (poem)

Hmmm. I'd like this place if only.....

I joined because I want to see desire get raped on all fours.
Maybe this place needs some caustic stimulus to begin the live media feed?
I suggest we all begin harvesting tapeworms as a hobby.
-Or go militant and swallow advertisement bilboards...
engorge them down our throats like seedy auto-biographical pornographies!
Show me the voting booths.